Isiduli Africa | Rent
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Looking for a rooms to rent ko Kasi!!?

Look not further!

IsiDuli backrooms are designed just for you – we bring you smart rooms and we have more packs for you! Join us and be part of IsiDuli tenant offering and you will never look back. Our aim is to provide an environment that will support your improved standards of living! Our promise is to find you space wherever you move within our operating townships…


Quality living space– Our Clients are looking for rooms that are safe, offer quality environment, offer convenience shopping & transport and are affordable. Join our tenant community if you are a tenant on the move! We will place you wherever you need space.

Customer service– Our tenants are generally looking for a piece of mind when they get home. At IsiDuli we offer the standby property maintenance service. As our tenant we will always avail maintenance services and are able to mediate maintenance disputes between you & the Owner.

Affordability – Value for money is what we are all looking for! And circumstances change for everyone. When matching you a living space we want to ensure that we locate you in a space that is convenient aligned to your lifestyle needs. We do placements for anything between R750 to R3500.